SAP Basis – What not to do when you run SAP

The benefit of working for different SAP clients has give me a keen insight on how best to run SAP and what you should not be doing. Believe it or not, I've come across each of these conditions at companies that should have known better.

Don't do any of these:

1. Mix databases, hardware or operating systems
It is hard to believe but I've run into clients who have different hardware, databases, and operating systems all within the same system landscape! This makes is really hard to complete system copies and almost impossible to gauge upgrades.

SAP Basis Metadata - Documentation Generated For Each Client

When I start with each client, I like to collect as much 'meta' information as possible. To make my job easier and to leave each client with a solid deliverable, I collect each of the following items:

SAP HANA One - Continuing my Python Based Loads with PyHDB

1. Background and Creating Tables in HANA

I'm continuing the series that I started on my blogger site (



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