SAP Consulting Services

SAP Basis Support

Individual Services and Projects

  • SAP Upgrades, migrations, updates, and installations
  • System sizing and system performance reviews
  • Team coaching and mentoring
  • Documentation reviews and cataloging of a standard operations manual

Managed Support Service
For basic managed support, I focus on stabilizing and optimizing your systems with these individual steps:

  • Review background jobs and schedule missing housekeeping tasks
  • Review licenses on all systems and correct broken update processes (from SOLMAN71) for maintenance certs
  • Review SSL certificates and set scheduled reminders for upcoming expiration dates
  • Set a reminder for when the SAPRouter certificates expire
  • Compare the component levels of all systems and create a plan to corrected differences
  • Review SAP buffers to identify areas for improvement
  • Review SQL traces to identify candidates for indexing
  • Review TMS connection errors and create steps for correcting
  • Review archiving processes (especially in PI)
  • Clean out extraneous files in the file system (backups of older kernels and outdated installation media)

Linux Administration

I am also an experienced Linux Administrator who can manage your installations and work on specific tasks including these:

  • Linux server installs, upgrades, and migrations
  • AWS instance setup and management
  • Website building and management